Thursday, November 29, 2012

Iowa Goes Blue

Wednesday, November 28th, around 450 people sat in the Cedar Falls High School gym to understand how they can take part in the new Blue Zones Project makeover.

What is a Blue Zones Project?  It's a community effort to increase the amount of healthier choices for its citizens--whether it be having fresh produce in the grocery store more readily available or designing better bike lanes for easier and more direct access to work.  The idea is to create that ripple effect and have the idea of a safer, healthier community spread around the world.

Spencer's Fareway becomes Iowa's first Blue Zone grocery store.
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Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Spencer, and Mason City were selected as demonstration site communities for Iowa. The event held Wednesday officially kicked off the initiative for Cedar Falls to help make Iowa the healthiest state in the country by 2016.  To do so, the goal is to create easier, healthier choices for citizens through changes to environment, social and policy networks.

Not only are there physical changes to the town, but there are lots of activities and classes you can take to become a healthier you.  From a walking club, to cooking classes, there are plenty of opportunities for you to learn the ropes of a becoming a fit and thriving community.  Check here for more information.

Help make everyone in your community healthier and happier by pledging today! Visit to sign up and begin prolonging your beautiful life!

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