Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 5 -- Swansea University and Caswell Bay, Part 2

Swansea University and Caswell Bay, Part 2

Once 1:00 rolled around, we embarked upon a nature trail throughout campus. This was by far my favorite part of the day! Our leaders Dan and Penny were obviously passionate about the areas of sustainability and biodiversity 
and they truly got all of us excited about these areas as well.

In addition to getting our exercise on this brisk and windy day, we also learned a ton about the variety of different habitats that house a wide range of diverse species. In fact, there were multiple different species of grass in only about a two foot radius. Dan was especially interesting to listen to and therefore we were a bit late our outdoor lunch; we were served soup that contained herbs grown directly on campus!

Rushing to finish our meals, we then walked over to tour SEACAMS and the Aqua Labs. Here, we learned about how small actions can really make a big difference. In the SEACAMS lab, they talked about how simply being organized and logging the amount of usage and waste that goes through can impact the world for the better; in fact, they received an award for their efforts. Afterwards, in the Aqua Lab, we got to learn more about bio-diverse marine life.

In my opinion, the next part of the day was spectacular as well. We all took a bus to Caswell Bay where the mountains met the rolling tide and our feet gripped the sparkling sand. Needless to say, we were all excited to experience such a beautiful sight.

We climbed some rocks, drew in the sand, and ran through the water until the tide almost washed our shoes away. Paige frolicked in the sand, Eric was giddy with excitement, Ariana and Amber got trapped at the top of a cliff, countless items were rescued from the rising tide, a cave was discovered, and conversations were held as we sat in the sun and dried our feet before we were to leave once again. It was a fun time with friends, new and old.

After tiring ourselves out at Caswell Bay, we were guided toward one of the best restaurants in Southern Wales 
for some fish and chips!

Diweddglo gwych i ddiwrnod gwych arall!! (A great ending to another great day!)