Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 11 -- Belfast and the Titanic Experience

Hello from Belfast, Northern Ireland! Today was a fairly laid back, but exciting day. I went shopping, walked on the beach, rode on a bus, went to the Titanic Experience Museum, and ate at a pub called Elms.

I started my morning out bright and early by waking up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready and go out to adventure the city of Dublin. A couple girls and I chose to do this because we wanted to see more of Dublin and get our shop on. Since we only had until 11:00 a.m. to see the city and do some adventuring of our own, we got up early and went on our way. We walked around the city and took lots of good pictures and even visited Trinity College and purchased a few souvenirs while we waited around for the shops to open up. While walking around we came upon a shop called Pennys that opened at 8:30 a.m. so we waited around outside of the shop until the doors opened. I was getting really excited waiting because I love shopping and am kind of addicted to it. Once the doors opened we rushed in and ran around the store looking for cute clothes and accessories. It was awesome because everything was a bargain and was also really cute. Once the 10 o’clock hour rolled around we moved quickly and headed back down the streets of Dublin making a few quick stops at souvenir shops and made our way back to our hostel where we had stayed the past night, to grab our luggage. We loaded the Paddy Wagon bus and then headed for our next adventure.

After about an hour on the road we came upon a beach area where we were able to get off the bus, stretch out our legs, and venture around the beach. It was super nice outside! People ran out by the water, walked in the sand, took pictures, and hunted for neat looking seashells and rocks. After that we boarded the bus and headed a few more miles down the road and into town for lunch. We found a nice looking restaurant right along the beach and ordered our food. A large majority of the group ordered and enjoyed fish and chips or seafood of some kind.

Me (Amanda), Janet and Paige

Soon we were on the road again and headed to Belfast. Once we came upon the city of Belfast we headed straight for the Titanic Experience Museum. I have to say that this was the highlight of my day as I really enjoyed the experience. The museum had four floors of exhibitions starting with the history of shipyards in Belfast all the way to where it is today with the placement of the wreck. My favorite parts were the guest rooms (first class, second class, and third class) and the numerous videos, as well as the walking with the workers mini-ride. The experience museum was interactive and intriguing, yet sad, especially when reading about the aftermath. Altogether I really enjoyed my time at the Titanic Experience and am glad I made the decision to see it. 

Replica of First Class Cabins

As for the rest of the night, we checked into our hostel and went out to explore Belfast and to find a good, yet reasonably priced restaurant/pub. Overall, I had a wonderful day and the nice weather helped to make it even better.