Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 1: We have arrived!

Today, we landed safely in London and didn’t hold back on exploring everything this beautiful city has to offer. After making it safely through customs, we headed to the hotel to drop our luggage off. Then we ate lunch was next and spent the rest of the afternoon walking and seeing some of London's sights: Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, China Town and Piccadilly Circus. Some of us even witnessed a church service in the same church Kate and William were married in!! (I may have a slight obsession with the royals). We became accustomed to the tube travel system and the areas we will be spending more time in for the next three days.

For meals, we tried a cute little French café that focused on food that is locally and sustainably produced and a fun pizzeria. It is fun to go out of the box and try new places and foods that are out of our comfort zone; we easily could eat at the Burger King next door or the Pizza Hut. After dinner, we ended our night by heading back to Westminster to experience the London Eye. This gigantic Ferris wheel gave us a ride full of pretty views of all of London, and maybe a few scares every now and again.

To say we are exhausted is an understatement. Eric did a good job of pushing us through and not letting us nap, so we would get a good night’s sleep and keep on track with accomplishing all we want to experience while in London. And, although most of us were sore, tired and hangry a good percent of the day, we all enjoyed our first day here in London and are looking forward to the rest of the trip. Three more days in London, and we are off to Wales!

Kelsi H. 
Senior, Health Promotion: Women's Health