Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 14 - Glasgow

I started the morning off at the Holiday Inn express with hot breakfast. I was really looking forward to going to Glasgow city center, even though I had no idea what there was to do. All I knew was that I was on a mission to find a Scottish kilt while in the country. After a short ride, we were in the city center, and it was awesome! Like many of the cities we have visited, there was intricate and stunning architecture along with many monuments. When we got off the bus, Eric pointed out Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis, which we went to as a group. The Cathedral had the traditional gothic look with limestone block and a copper roof turned teal from years of exposure to the elements. Once inside, I couldn’t believe the beauty and detail. With countless arches and stain glass windows, it was the largest church I had ever been in. I wish I could attend mass in it every Sunday so I could enjoy its beauty every week. After viewing the church, a group of us went to the necropolis--I couldn’t believe the number tombs and headstones! It felt strange to tour peoples’ resting places, but it was still cool.

We all walked back to the city center then and were broken into smaller groups to eat lunch and tour the city. I went to an Italian restaurant named Prezzo with six others. The food was divine, and I left happy with a full stomach. 

After lunch, the seven of us then started to explore the shopping area. I found a kilt tailor! I walked in unsure if I would be buying one, but after trying one on, I had to buy it! I ended up getting a red one for myself and a green one for my brother. I was pretty happy with my purchase after I left the store. We then looked in a few more shops before heading back to the hotel.

Once back, most of us took a nap before we all met for dinner. Tonight’s dinner was bittersweet since it was the last one that sessions one and two would be having together. We ended up eating at a local restaurant called the Grill in the Park. The food there was amazing with many options to choose from. I don’t think a single person left unsatisfied. Later, session one began packing to go home while session two relaxed back at the hotel. While sitting in the lobby writing this blog, it finally hit me that eighteen people that I have spent the last ten days with would be leaving. It was kind of sad to think about, but as people started coming down to the lobby to say their goodbyes, I knew that we would all be seeing each other again in Cedar Falls.

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