Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 3 - London Sightseeing

Day three in London is officially in the books!  We decided to split into three groups today to explore different parts of London.  One group went to the market and out for shopping, one group went to a musical, and my group started off the day by visiting the Natural History Museum.  We were excited to start off with touring the dinosaur exhibit.  We also enjoyed visiting the interactive human biology exhibit, where we got to test our visual and sensory perceptions.  Once we were finished with the Natural History Museum, we were able to navigate the Tube except for a minor blockage of a line that was down.  

We went to the London Tower where we started with an hour-long tour, and then got to do some exploring of our own.  It was unreal to see the amount of diamonds and jewels used in royal decorations!  Our favorite part of this experience was going through the White Tower where we got to see knight’s armor and an actual butcher's block and ax, which was used in beheading traitors.  

Once we finished the Tower of London, we searched for a local place to eat.  We made our way down to Piccadilly Circus, and wandered the streets until we came across "The Breakfast Club."  The food and atmosphere was incredible!  They had the best chips by far that we have come across in London!  Two groups met up later in the evening to visit local pubs around our motel.  It was a fun evening of dancing and talking with the locals.  We had a great time in our third day in London and are looking forward to seeing what our last day in the big city brings us!

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Senior, Early Childhood Education