Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 3: The Mt. Snowdon Journey

By: Caitlin Nekola, Senior Graphic Technologies Major, and Callie Brimeyer, Senior Global Studies Major

On June 10th, the the day was split between two locations: Llandudno, Wales and Mt. Snowdon. The group was given the option to spend the day exploring Llandudno or hike to the summit of Mt. Snowdon. At first we were not sure if we would be able to climb the mountain because there was a high chance of rain and storms, however we lucked out and were able to climb to the summit without a single drop of rain. This was no leisurely hike; there were times when the rocks were so steep that we were nearly rock climbing.

We climbed for 3 hours up and then two and a half hours down. The view was gorgeous, we could see as far as the clouds and fog would allow. Once we made it to the summit everyone immediately started taking pictures and posing for selfies.

Quite a few people sent postcards from the summit to friends and family. Everyone also participated in the Welsh tradition of drinking a beer at the summit bar. Even at the top of the mountain the Welsh are conscious of sustainability, in the visitors center there were several bins for waste there were labeled for general waste, food waste, bottles and cans, and paper waste. There was also a policy of no waste along the trails so everything that hikers carried onto the mountain that had to carry off with them.

We were racing the rain down the mountain and made it to the bus just as the it began to rain.

Those who chose not to climb the mountain spent the day wandering Llandudno, exploring the town where Alice and Wonderland was written. There were statues of the famous characters of Alice and Wonderland story scattered throughout the town, the tour was self-guided.

Although this group didn’t hike Snowdon, they did hike a small bluff that offered a great view of the city of Llandudno.

Those who climbed the mountain felt that all of the pain, sweat and exertion were well worth it once we all reached the summit.