Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 9: Getting “Trashed” in Bangor

 Today we had the opportunity to visit Bangor University where we got to learn about their sustainability practices. We learned a lot about the little things that Bangor does to keep their campus green. We focused a lot on recycling while we were at Bangor and even got to dig through rubbish (trash), YAY!! This was quite the experience. We found lots of neat treasures, such as toy chickens, urine test cups, and even maggots. After getting over the grossness, we eventually found the activity to be a good learning experience. We separated all of the rubbish into recyclable piles, such as glass, plastic, and paper. We also had a section for food waste and a section for non-recyclables. After separating everything, we realized just how much we throw away when we could be recycling.

While at Bangor University, we also got the chance to visit the botanical garden. We had time to tour the green houses as well as attempt to navigate around the forest using GPS/compass. Navigating the forest was an adventure as reading the slow digital compass was quite the task. We more or less just ended up following our instincts (or the locals) in order to find our way. One really interesting thing we learned at the botanical garden was that for every one person, the United States has 2.5 acres of land, whereas Wales only has 0.1 acre. The biggest thing they stressed at the botanical garden was that we shouldn’t be criticizing other countries when we’ve all been destroying our own forests and lands for years. It’s important that we all work together if we want to improve our world. A perfect quote mentioned at Bangor that relates to this was, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb.

The last event of the day at Bangor was to visit their university farm. Here we had a lot of fun admiring the sheep, we even got a picture (see below). Oh, and we also learned some things about how to herd sheep and their sustainable tactics on the farm. After visiting the farm, Tricia came to realize that her life calling is moving to Wales to live on a farm and become a shepherdess (Lady Shepherd).

To end our busy day, the whole class went out to eat back in Llandudno. Most of us had delicious desserts ranging from ice cream to strawberry crepes. Kelsi, the same girl that got her sandwich stolen from a seagull earlier this week, managed to get attacked by another seagull who stole her ice cream cone. We’ve all decided that either she is cursed or all of the seagulls just have the biggest crush on her.

Jamie McCarty
Junior, Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Tricia Draus
Junior, Elementary Education