Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 5: Cheerio London!

We had an incredible four days here in London filled with many good times and unforgettable experiences, but our time here has come to an end. We got to see everything from tourist attractions like Big Ben, to shows like The Book of Moron & Wicked, and even the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Some of us were even lucky enough to meet actor Gerard Butler known for movies such as P.S. I Love You, 300, and Law Abiding Citizen, while others saw actor Ian McKellen who has big roles in Lord of the Rings, X-Men, and Mr. Holmes, on the streets of London. That doesn't happen every day back in good ole' Cedar Falls, so it was a very memorable experience for those of us who got to see them.

Overall the experience in London was incredible. The city was filled with endless things to do and experience. People aren't kidding when they say London is a busy place (the lack of personal space is real). I think we were all starting to enjoy the city life, even mastering the Underground (subway), and becoming accustomed to the local coffee shop, Costa, that had the most delicious muffins! Believe me when I say they melt in your mouth. I can only speak for myself, but despite my love for the city of London I am ready for a little quiet, countryside action more similar to home.

So early this morning, we hopped on a bus driven by our awesome driver Matt (Happy Birthday to him), and it was off to Wales we went.

About an hour into the drive we stopped at Windsor Castle for a tour. The weather was absolutely perfect with lots of sun and 75 degrees. As for the castle, no words can even describe how extraordinary it was. I may be biased due to my, as some may call it, "obsession" with the Royals, but so far it has been one my favorite parts of the trip. The inside of the castle was breathtaking. Everything from the architecture, to the paintings, furniture, and chandeliers were more grand and exquisite than you can imagine.

The castle was an amazing site, but before we knew it we were on the road again. Most of the drive to Wales was spent sleeping by many of us. However, being stuck on a bus didn't stop us from seeing sustainability. Many of the homes seen from the bus window had solar panels on their roofs, including our lodge we are staying in tonight.

The ride into Wales was a wild ride to say the least. Not even Dramamine or anxiety meds could have helped some of us today. But we all made it to Bala safely and no puke bags were needed. Bala is about as complete opposite of London as you can get, but we are enjoying the quiet and beautiful scenery and are ready for canyoning tomorrow.

Jacee Schneider

Communication Sciences and Disorders, Senior