Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 4: Our Last Full Day in London!

Our last full day in London consisted of a free day, so we all broke off in to different groups to ensure that we all got to mark a few last things off of our lists!

The group that I traveled with started the day off at the one and only Abbey Road, a huge tourist attraction for Beatles fans. A few of us tried getting identical pictures to the album cover, but it was nearly impossible with all of the traffic!

We then took the tube to check out the science museum. Science isn’t really my thing, but it was pretty cool to see some of the interactive exhibits that dealt with sustainability. There were even a few interactive games to get you thinking about ways to make every day living more sustainable and energy efficient!

The next stop was Kensington Garden, Kensington was ABSOLUTELY beautiful! It would have been the perfect place to lay out a picnic blanket and just take in the view. The group had so much fun just goofing and running around here, and the selfie stick definitely came in clutch!

We made a pit stop at Harrods, one of Europe’s largest high end department stores! We played a little game to see who could find the most expensive item, someone found a blanket for 35,000 pounds! We did however have a very yummy lunch from their food market, and even tried some of Chad’s little white fish! (I could feel the guts ooze out in my mouth… Ew)

A majority of the 23 students from our group ended our last night in London together. We were able to pick up a few last minute souvenirs, have dinner in Camden Town, and cheers to the adventures that are in store for the remainder of the trip! I think it is safe to say that London has treated us well!

Kaylea Atwater
Junior, Communication

This was the last day of our London tour and many of us were tired from the days prior so we decided to start the day off a little later and get a full English breakfast. Most of the group ate at CafĂ© Oz together. I didn’t have the full English breakfast but those who did were dared to try the black pudding which was less than desirable. After breakfast we broke up into groups and went our separate ways. Some went to the tower of London and some went to musicals. Jessica Bolt and I really wanted to go to Abbey Road so we took the tube there and had no trouble finding the crosswalk. We saw many people also wanting pictures of themselves walking across the street. After getting pictures there we headed to the Beatles gift shop not too far from the crosswalk and purchased some souvenirs.

After Abbey Road we decided to check out the shops at Camden Town. We went to the market and walked along looking at what the shops have to offer. Jessica really wanted to have some tea while we were here so we stopped at a shop by the food venders and had some tea and scones. After tea we found a river system flowing through the area.

We went back to the hotel to see what others were doing later and most of the group wanted to go back to Camden Town. I was going to do some laundry but really didn’t have that much to do and didn’t see the point in washing such a small load. Jessica and I wanted to get gelato at Convent Garden but we also wanted to explore Camden Town a little more so we quickly stopped from the tube at Convent Garden to grab gelato and then ran back on the tube the meet up with the others that wanted to go to Camden Town. We had a group of about eighteen of us so we broke up into groups to go eat based on what we wanted.

Overall, London was very exciting and fun and I am excited to see what the rest of the trip has in store for us!

Andrea Rigsbee
Leisure, Youth, and Human Services