Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 10: Top O' the Morning to Ya

It was an early day for the group today! Waking up at 6am wasn't the most pleasant way to start the morning, however I think the rest of the day's activities, and the excitement of travelling to a new country, made us forget about our tiring morning. We left Llandudno, Wales and took the Ferry over to Dublin, Ireland. The view from the ferry was gorgeous and you could see the island come into focus as we got closer. After the ferry ride, the paddy wagon (bus) picked us up to give us the inside scoop of the city.
Part of the group went to tour the famous Guinness factory while the other half went to Trinity College and explore the Dublin. At Trinity there were two stories of books which included the book of Kells. This is a highly decorated version of the four gospels written in latin. The Guinness factory had an information tour covering how they brew the beer as well as their advertisement and of course the gift shop. We then merged back together to go to our hostel, The Generator. This hostel is an upbeat wear house looking building that appeals to young travelers as well as being sustainable with the recycled decor.

From there we went exploring once again, making sure not to get hit by the numerous cyclists around the city. Dublin, like London, also takes part in the Rent-A-Bike scheme. This helps commuters get to their destinations quicker without having to rely on public transportation.There were numerous amounts of gift shops and irish pubs to explore as well as churches which are open for public worship. As the day came to a close, the group enjoyed an exchange of experiences in the hostel lobby.

Bri Towers
Senior, Biology